Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Kinky Revolution

by Sommer Little

Recently a large amount of African American women or women of African descent have opted for sporting their crazy, beautiful kinks instead of the straight and smooth look that is losing waves of fans. Why such a big change? I believe that this is an old movement (the afro of the 70’s) that is gaining a larger following due to its unconventional style and attitude. Ethnic women with kinks and curls have tried for years to fight against their own hair texture by using harsh chemicals and heated appliances. But a revolution has started, and this is one that will not be going out of style very quickly. The Afro is back with a vengeance! Big hair is back and it seems like it is here to stay. Not too long ago I also joined this revolution and went for the “big chop”, but not all are as brave as I was or have the face for a buzz cut. Are you dying to join the “Natural Hair Revolution” but don’t want to chop of all your hair and wait a year before you can actually style your own hair? Well here is a great solution its called transitioning.
Beshe 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig Coco
Transitioning can take any where from about 3 months to a year depending on how long you want your hair to be. If you can’t wait to display your natural beauty, you can go for braids or wigs to help keep you looking well kept until your able to style your own hair or add in kinky extensions, like Curly Remy to add to the length of your own hair. If you would rather not braid extensions into your hair, I recommend keeping your hair clean and fresh while letting it rest under a wig. You can join the revolution early and wear a Beshe Lace Front Wig, Drew is a beautiful wig and you can join the curly girl movement without having to undergo the “big chop”, or Beshe: Shelly a beautiful afro wig without the lace front that can be easily blended into your own hair.  Pair either of these two wigs with an accessory to get that fresh natural look that you crave. Wearing naturally textures and exploring your kinky roots has become a symbol of pride for many women and a militant stand against forced the social norms of straightening their hair. It is a difficult transition to make, so why not have a little help relearning to love your texture. Go to http://elevatestyles.com/ and begin your textured hair journey today.