Thursday, December 26, 2013

Choose Wigs Suiting Your Face Shape

It is a confused affair to choose the right hair wig for you. You have to consider many elements such as color, length, style, and most importantly your face shape. Understanding how to choose the right wig will help you elevate your best features and hide your flaws! First of all, you have to determine your face shape and it will help you select the most suitable wig. Hair extensions are not only recommended for parties but also for concealing your baldness or hair fall issues. Wigs are not at all expensive and you can buy them at offline or online shops. 

Salon Remi 100% Human Hair Part Lace Front Wig HH Natural Wave 24

Salon Remi 100% Human Hair Part Lace Front Wig HH Natural Wave 24 - $ 248.88

Wigs for different face shapes

Round and square face shapes are most common among women. Ladies and girls with round shape and full cheeks should avoid straight falling bangs. They will look better in long styles that are close to their face length. Ladies with round face shape have to choose a style that will thin their face. Best wig styles for round faces are available in the market to choose from. Since you can best judge your looks, you will be able to choose wig styles according to your looks.

Square face shaped women are recommended to choose a style that lessens the sharp look of the jaw line. Choose length that comes 1 inch below the chin and choose fringed or wispy hair that will come on your forehead. Square face women will have an added dimension if they choose loose curls or waves.

Important wig types 

Salon Remi 100% Human Hair Part Lace Front Wig HH Body Wave 24

Salon Remi 100% Human Hair Part Lace Front Wig HH Body Wave 24 - $ 248.88

Generally there are two important types of wigs available in the market – synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic hair extensions are made using nylon and lasting for a long period of time. However, you have to avoid being close to flames or heat if you are using synthetic hair extensions. This type of hair wigs is easy to maintain and so, most women choose this. Specific head forms will be available to store the hair piece and this is necessary to maintain the product’s shape as the same. Placing synthetic hairpieces in a bunch or folding can lead to grow creases. Comb the unit properly after every use with a soft bristle brush and be soft when you do it.

Human hair is another popular wig type, widely used by people suffering from hair loss or chemotherapy. Apart from these two reasons, girls and ladies like to choose human hair wigs for parties of short time. These wigs are capable to provide instant fresh look with a variety of natural hair extensions.

Though wearing both synthetic and human hair wigs is easy, you have to pull it to your head and pin up own natural hair to it with hair pins. Choose a color or style that suits your skin tone and face shape. There are many shops offering a variety of hair extensions in different sizes and designs to choose from. Online sources can provide you with a list of stores selling hair wigs in different varieties and price rates. Choose the most reputed store online and buy a wig that goes well with your face shape. Hope this wig buying guide helps you choose the right wig style.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why should you wear wigs? – Reasons and buying guide

Wearing a wig includes many reasons that varies according to the type and use of wig selected. Today, more women choose to wear synthetic or human wigs either to change their look temporarily or due to some health issues such as cancer medication, hair fall, baldness, etc. Regardless of reasons, hair experts say that a wig must be selected after taking many things into consideration. Both men and women are beauty conscious, these days. They give much care and importance to hair because it is the significant element, enhancing their beauty and appearance. Wigs are capable to make or mar your total look and you may envy those who have healthy and shining hair.

 Beshe 100% Indian Human Hair Wig Indigo

More than men, ladies are very disturbed with hair loss or hair fall affair. This is mainly because of hormonal changes that imbalance a woman’s life and leads to hair fall. Other important reasons for hair fall includes erratic routine, stress, tight and irregular work schedule, etc. Women with drinking and smoking habits are also experiencing hair fall. Hence, they use to wear wigs to look better. There are many wigs and brands available to choose from and so, you will need a wig buying guide that help you choose the best and perfect wig for you.

Wigs for cancer patients 

Cancer patients are the major consumers of wigs, these days. Patients who undergo chemotherapy might experience excessive hair fall and it is not possible to stay bald or look ugly because of hair fall. Cancer patients are given special wigs in the market to choose that give a natural look and indistinguishable for others to find that you are wearing a hairpiece. However, you have to keep in mind a few things while buying a wig. If you are buying a wig for a cancer patient, don’t choose a normal one that will just covers the baldness of patient. The facial feature and physique and even complexion of the patient must be considered.

Wigs for different complexions 

People with dark complexion need to be careful when choosing a hairpiece. Buy a wig that suits your skin tone. All color wigs will not look good on dark complexion and face shape has also to be considered while choosing length and shape of the wig.

Consider the type of wig

Generally there are two types of wigs available – human and synthetic hair wigs. Human hair extensions can be curled and ironed according to your tastes but you can’t do the same with synthetic hairpieces. Therefore, you have to choose from these two types depending on your requirements. Most people choose synthetic hair wigs because of its low-cost rates. However, give prime importance to your needs than cost when buying a wig.

Where to buy a wig?

 Model Model Ego 100% Remy Human Hair Invisible L Part Wig Hope

There are many shops offering both synthetic and human hair wigs at different price rates and varying quality. Many brand new wigs are also available to choose from. Though offline shopping is more personal, you can get amazing discount offerings and immense collection on wigs, if you go online. Browse the web world for shops selling hair extensions. You can find shops selling a variety of wigs including short, black, long, blonde and more at different price rates. Search a shop that has been selling wigs for long time period. Make a thorough research and understand how to take care of wigs before buying. Hope this wig guide will help you get the most out of buying a wig.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Human Hair Wigs For Black Women – bring that movie star look

Summary: Now black women can bring the celebrity hair style look with that stylish collection of human hair wigs. 

Beauty is not bounded for white people only. It is for black also. At present it is not a surprise that wigs for black women enjoys good demand have become so popular. We all know that women love to achieve the celebrity hair style. But for most of the women, the length and thickness of hair stands as the main problems. At present this is not at all a problem to bring that movie star look!! Human hair wigs for black women at your help. Bring celebrity hair styles with human hair wigs!

Discover the display of new hair style 

Sensationnel Human Hair Wig Chic Bob

Sensationnel Human Hair Wig Chic Bob - $ 39.88
Stunning ranges of wigs are available at online stores for black women to select from. Wigs made of human hair bring the real surprise for you. It brings you the beauty and perfection just as your smile. Enjoy the original feel and look. Lightweight feature of the hair never make you to feel that you carry an extra weight. You can maintain and use these wigs just like original hair. There are just few things like not using hot water, don’t use greasy hair care product etc to take care of. With these wigs you can discover and display the new hair styles.

Invest on best wig

Outre Premium Duby 100% Human Hair Wig 001 Duby

Outre Premium Duby 100% Human Hair Wig 001 Duby - $ 41.88
It is better to invest on human hair wigs than synthetic wigs even though the rate is a little bit high. These wigs do not bring any side effects and perfectly match with the existing hair of the black women. More over reputed stores collects the aboriginal human hair from dedicated donors of the country to assure the real effect. It is not a secret or magic to get the wigs at affordable rates. It is the way you search for it. Spend some time to search and select the best brand of front lace wigs to save to a lot on your shopping. Shop human hair wigs to experience the real look and feel. is one of the reputed wigs stores to provide you with excellent collections of wigs exclusively for black women.

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Front Lace Wigs – Now the time to test new styles

When hair becomes your villain, you start to hate yourself. Don’t your hairs have enough thickness and length? When you comb to right, does it turn left or stand straight. This is enough to make your even mad. Worried about bringing that stunning celebrity hair style? No need to worry. Here is the best hair solution for you; front lace wigs!! No need to take the pills and wait for months or years to grow your hair. Life is short. Get immediate solutions to test new stunning styles on your hair. Test new hair styles with front lace wigs.

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig Ruby HT

Do I need to break the bank account? 

Sensationnel Synthetic Easy 5 Lace Front Wig Soul

This is the questions where everyone takes a pause. There is no need to break your bank account. You can find affordable lace front wigs in the market; that means online market. Yes, there are several stores to bring you fantastic collection of front wigs for you. Search for the best brand in wigs to save a lot on your shopping.

Which is best?

 Soultress Synthetic Lace Front Wig PL- Nicki

With different types, you will certainly search for the best answer for the question which is the best. There are synthetic and natural wigs. It is better to select natural wigs to experience and enjoy the original look and feel. Natural wigs are made from 100% original human hair and are free from any of the side effects. It is so easy to apply the wigs on your existing hair without cutting it. It is even difficult for the stylist to find the difference between your wig and original hair.

So now the time is yours. Visit the reputed online wig stores to shop affordable front lace wigs to start trying the hair styles you wish. Bring the original look and feel in wig with natural wigs made from human hair. is reputed wig store to provide you with affordable front lace wigs. Visit the store to place your order.

Summary: Hair loss, hair length and thickness and hair style is the important problem faced by present generation. Front lace wigs is the perfect solution for all these problems.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Are the Different Types of Wigs?

  • There are many different reasons for women to wear a wig. It covers thinning hair, adds a completely different hairstyle, or when acting and even in a party it you can pick a wig that goes with your costume.
  • There are many types of wigs to choose from in retail stores, specialty wig shops, like
  • The synthetic may be the choice of many women who are on a tight budget.
  • Those with a larger budget can purchase a natural or human hair wig. Choosing the human hair wig will ensure that a wig looks as natural and realistic as possible.
  • Wigs are made in three different ways as listed here they are, stock, semi-custom, and custom made.
  • It is necessary to take accurate measurements so you can find the right size wig to wear. It always pays to learn more about the material of the wigs prior to actually buying a wig.

 Synthetic Wigs

Motown Tress Synthetic Wig Stella

Motown Tress Synthetic Wig Stella - $ 27.88

  • The synthetic fibre wigs then to be less expensive and are made from fibre like acrylic and nylon. Needless to say that these wigs are machine made, mass produced, and very durable.
  • They can be purchased in many different styles, such as curly, wavy or straight. It is even possible to style some of these wigs are home itself.
  • Some of the higher quality synthetic wigs look and feel almost the same as human hair wigs. You should always avoid exposing their synthetic wigs to high temperatures, as most synthetic fibres will melt under such circumstances.
  • Some special synthetic fibre wigs can be styled using blowing dryers and curling irons.
  • It is also possible to get their synthetics dyed to match their hair color. These wigs dry faster. At times it is better to purchase a synthetic wig as opposed to a poor quality human hair wig.
  • The synthetic wig looks a lot better than a rough human hair wig.
  • The major drawback may be that such synthetic wigs wear out very fast and last barely six months. In general the short hair wigs will tend to last longer than the long hair wigs.

Natural Wigs

  • Amongst Natural hair wigs there is a lot of variety of hairs like human hair, horse hair, wool, or buffalo hair.
  • These wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs. If made well, the human hair wig is the best quality wig on the market.
  • The European Hair Wigs are the highest quality, but at the same time are also the most expensive. However, quality is a concern even with the Natural wigs.
  • Poorly constructed human hair and other animal hair wigs are tangled easily and don’t look real.
  • The highest quality natural hair wigs are hand-tied with strands matched together so that the shafts of hair are all pointed in the same direction. This makes it a lot easier to style the hair.
  • The machine made wigs are less expensive and are not sorted to ensure that the direction of each strand is facing the same direction.
  • To make the hair on these wigs more attractive and easier to style, they are processed. First, the hair is treated with a base solution to partially dissolve the outer cortex.
  • The hair color is removed by applying bleach and then dyed to appropriate color.
  • These wigs are then coated with a synthetic resin finish to restore the hair’s strength and luster.

Remy Hair Wig

Motown Tress 100% Human Indian Remi Hair Wig HIR - Petra

Motown Tress 100% Human Indian Remi Hair Wig HIR - Petra - $ 148.88

  • Remy hair wigs are human hair wigs that have the cuticle still attached at the ends and aren’t processed. Such wigs are also called, "virgin hair" or "cut hair" wigs.
  • Remy wigs are also sorted,so they are all facing the same direction. They feel very soft on touch and .
  • Remy Hair Wig last a long time and are very durable because they retain a lot of their natural strength.
Selecting the best wig can be done by taking many factors into consideration. There are many type of wigs available as explained in this article.

Most wigs are made from wefts of hair or synthetic fibre. A weft is a ribbon or string of hair which have sewn closely together in strands. These are then either machine sewn, hand sewn or even hand tied into the cap.

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L. Jess

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L. Jess - $ 39.88
Monofilament wigs

These are either nylon or polyester micro mesh into which individual strands are hand tied. The material provides an very good illusion of skin by revealing the wearers scalp color through the mesh. The hair can be brushed or parted in any direction thus providing a very versatile and natural look. It is recommended for those who have sensitive scalps or have a total hair loss since the material is much softer than the standard cap. The Monofilament wigs are made from a partially hand tied monofilament cap or at times from a wefted cap as well. At time the monofilament wigs are completely hand tied on the monofilament mesh. A fully hand tied monofilament wig  is very natural looking wig which also tends to be more expensive as they utilize the micro mesh and hand tied fibres all over. The Mono Filament top wig is as less costly solution since only the top is constructed from the mono Filament. It is available for those who want the mono filament look without the of the monofilament wigs. The wigs are usually built upon a wefted cap and include a thin inset of plastic where the part or small portion of the top or an even smaller portion sometimes called a skin crown.

Lace Wigs

Motown Futura Lace Front LFE- Liz

Motown Futura Lace Front LFE- Liz - $ 24.98
Full lace wigs have a similar construction to monofilament wigs where they are constructed on a fine lace base (usually French lace). These wigs are usually always custom made to fit the exact specification provided by you.

Full Lace Wigs

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Daze

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Daze - $ 31.88
lace front wig is made from very fine French lace wig in the front and consists of a more sturdy construction material behind. Such kind of wigs look very natural an provide the most natural hairline in the front.

Honeycomb or Pull Through

Honeycomb or Pull through wigs are very useful if you have thinning hair; in fact it would be the best choice in such a situation. These wigs are designed such that they have large spaces in which you can pull your own hair. You can choose a complementary shade and even add both volume and highlights. In most of the cases these are held in place with small clips or combs.

¾ or ½ Wigs

These kinds of wigs have caps which generally cover either three forths or half of the head. This thus only exposes the front hairline. The way these wigs are designed they allow you to use your own hair to blend into the wig and are usually held in place with combs or clips.

Banana Comb

A banana comb is a two piece comb of which one end is permanently connected and the other closes with a snap clip.

Claw Clip

Interlocking rounded combs that open and close by squeezing are called claw clips. It attaches a hair piece at the crown

Drawstring attachment

This piece has a drawstring which forms a pocket to tighten for a secure fit.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks for Your Beautiful Hair

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With all the added stress of planning a huge meal, accommodating guests, cleaning, cooking and then cleaning again. It’s no wonder you can be left feeling the “blahs” when it comes to your hair.

Even if you’re not the one in the kitchen slaving over a marvelous meal, you still want to arrive at your relative’s house looking….fabulous. During this busy time, it’s easy to forget about taking care of your hair. With the weather getting colder, now is the time to be extra good to your hair and nourish it, just as much as you’re about to nourish your belly!

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig Rose

Holiday Hair Care

Significant stress can cause your hair to fall out. The last couple months of the year, November and December are the two busiest holiday months out the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve bring on tremendous stress to your wallet, your body and yes, your hair.

To keep your hair looking great year after year, wash it with a mild shampoo at least once a week. Follow up with a great moisturizing conditioner and choose hairstyles that don’t require high heat settings. 

Beshe Synthetic Wig PT-475-PONYTAILS

The best hairstyles for moments such as these, when you are always on the go are low-maintenance looks. Ponytails always look great and work well, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of cooking. Decorative clips and pins can help turn your ponytail into a more festive looking one!

Tried and true, and never out of style, are wigs. It’s your choice if you want to go with human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, but there are some knock-out hairstyles that can be had with all types of wigs. Wearing wigs also allows your normal hair to take a break for heated styling tools. You can focus more on what you want to wear and not your hair!

Sensationnel Synthetic Half Wig Lyon

Helpful Tips for Happy Thanksgiving Hair

If you are going to be in the kitchen working around a lot of food, try to use a hair net or scarf to cover your head. If you don’t have one, pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it tightly so no loose hairs can accidentally fall while your are preparing your mother’s recipe for cornbread dressing!

Avoid getting to close to an open flame if you use hairspray or spritz and never spray these items around heat or an open flame to avoid injury.

Bobbi Boss Speedy Updo Drawstring Sugar Girl 12"(New)

Temperatures can get heated in the kitchen with an oven going all day long and extra people in your home. This is why wigs are so perfect for these types of situations. They allow air to get in to your scalp and help you cool off. IF you find that you are getting too hot, just step outside for a moment to let your body and your hair breathe.

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wig Lima- $ 21.88

Isis Synthetic Deep Part Wig RCP 158 Farrah

You can pull off the most fabulous looking hair this holiday season if you just remember to breathe when you are overstressed, be good to your hair and don’t stuff yourself. That way, while your sweet potato pies are cooking and your turkey is coming out of the oven, you still look like a million bucks in your human hair or synthetic wig or ponytail. And no one will be the wiser! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Choosing Hair Styles for Ozone lace front wig

Choosing a wig is similar to selecting a hair style. You should have a clear picture in mind of which kind of ozone lace front wig you want to purchase. You should decide on the color as well as the style that suits you the most prior to setting off to purchase a wig. It may be hard to figure out which type of wig is required without proper guidance hence here are some guidelines. You must first detect the shape of your face, since the shape of your face plays an important role in detecting the type of wig that will be suitable to you and should always dictate your hair style. Thus if you do like a hair style you see on another person the same may not necessarily look good on you. You first need to check the shape of your face and compare it with other persons face as well. 

A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 008

A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 008 - $ 59.88

The shape of your face can be anything from oval, square, long, round and even heart shaped. You need to take a good look at you face in the mirror and detect which type of face shape you have. You should then and only then purchase a wig; that too the one that compliments your face shape.

A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 007

A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 007 - $ 59.88

The lace front wig can either be purchased online or in a wig store. Many women prefer to purchase their wigs online since by doing it online there is no salesman pestering them at all times. They can browse through the extensive catalogue online at their leisure and even use several online tools to try it on themselves. Thus give you a quick view how the style suites you; you can try different styles with different colors before actually buying the wig.

A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 012

A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 012 - $ 59.88

It is even likely that once you do start wearing wigs you may want to wear them at all times and thus have a different wig for a different occasion or different mood and even depend on the clothes that you wear.

Elevatestyles is one place where you can go to find the perfect wig for every occasion and even every type of face.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ways to Avoid Having a Bad Wig Day

Many people wear wigs these days and for many different reasons. Some were party wigs to look great, while some where wigs to enhance their beauty and some wear it out of necessity (due to baldness or hair problem). While it ok that people spot a party wig being worn by someone people generally don’t like to make it public that they are wearing a wig. They take great care while wearing their wig so they seem like real hair at all times.  Here are some simple tips to make sure you get it right:

Buy a good quality wig:

Model Model Deep Invisible Part Lace Front Wig Risque

Model Model Deep Invisible Part Lace Front Wig Risque - $ 33.88

To know more about Model Model lace front wig, watch it
Model Model Deep Invisible Part Lace Wig Risque

It is necessary to make sure that the wig you buy is of good quality. A good quality wig doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive wig though. The model model lace front wigs provided by Elevatesstyles is a good example of a good quality wig which won’t drain your budget. This is the kind of wig that is not very expensive yet not easily detectable. In fact it would be hard for a hair stylist to detect that you are wearing a wig too until they get their hands on it. Thus even though it may seem tempting to buy a cheap wig to start with, it is vital that your first wig be a decent quality.

Getting the perfect size:

Model Model Synthetic Full Cap Drawstring Wig Uptown Beach

Model Model Synthetic Full Cap Drawstring Wig Uptown Beach - $ 22.88
There are many different wig sizes available like small, medium and even large. Many shops define custom sizing as selecting the right size, closely matching your requirement. But that isn’t really true. The true meaning of custom sizing is having a custom fit that is very close to your requirement. Thus custom sizing is possible only if you have an in person consultation and a wig cap mould using the shape of your head. It is necessary to always get the closet fit available to prevent from embarrassing yourself.

The care instructions:

Model Model Synthetic Lace Front Natural Hairline Trinee

Model Model Synthetic Lace Front Natural Hairline Trinee - $ 27.88
The wigs need to be handled with care at all times an also require maintain of some sort. The instructions are usually paced inside the wig packaging while some times they may be even present as an independent manual for you to read. If you find that there are no documentation regarding how to handle the wig, the you can specially request them from the company that sold you the wig.

Avoid extreme heat:

Model Model Equal Drawstring Full Cap Synthetic Wig Super Mingo

Model Model Equal Drawstring Full Cap Synthetic Wig Super Mingo - $ 19.88
The wigs should never be subjected to very high temperatures. It is a fact that your own hair cannot tolerate extreme head without suffering consequences. Synthetic wigs can distort or even melt at that high a temperature.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flirty Fall Looks: Hot and Sexy Hair

Fall is upon us and….it’s getting cold! But there’s nothing better on a cool autumn night that a hot and sexy hairdo. So let’s explore some styles that are making waves (even in the Fall) and heat things up!

Deep waves and curls are always appealing and they just elude femininity all over. Try out some of these hot and heavy styles and don’t forget to experiment with color. Fall is a great time to try out a new shade or go a little crazy with color!

Sensationnel Synthetic Half Wig Lyon

Tight whirly curls like in the Bobbi Boss Wig are easy to maintain and even easier to put on and go. Keep it simple in the fall, focus more on your fabulous outfit and enjoy going from drab to fab in minutes with flirty wigs!

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wig M-381 Tika

Every one will be Jealous when they see you out and about in this Equal Lace Front Wig, accurately called “Jealousy”. And for less than forty bucks, you can do important things like finish you Christmas shopping. (And look damn good while you’re doing it.)

Equal Lace Front Wig Natural Hairline Wig Jealousy

Again, Equal has a great line of lace front wigs – this one features a baby hairline which adds to its natural look. Soft waves and highlights on this wig add to your sensuality. And this wig is perfect from 9 to 5 and beyond!

Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig Baby Hairline Tori

Embrace the colors of Fall with this Invisible Part Lace Front Wig from Equal, called Bently. And you’ll look like you just stepped out of a Bentley when you don this wig. Long and loose curls in gorgeous browns, blondes and golds come together to help you rock this flirtatious look in no time!

Equal Invisible Part Lace Front Wig Bently

Turn the heat up a notch is this sexy Human Hair Lace Wig, appropriately called Romance from Diana. You’ll turn heads and widen eyes when you enter the room with this beautiful hair. And it’s made from Remi, so you not only have sensuous and flirty hair, but you also have an investment that can last for months and months. Just the thing you need around the holidays.


Diana Human Hair Remi Lace Wig Romance

And don’t forget, fall is when cold weather starts to creep in and wreak havoc on our beautiful Black hair. So it’s important to moisturize, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and try to use as less heat as possible.

For other great flirty fall looks and excellent hair care products to keep your hair looking its best, visit

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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Pros & Cons of Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are the type of wigs that fit on your own existing hair. They usually fit so well that they almost impossible to detect from normal hair. In fact even your own hair stylist will not be able to find the difference that until they get their hands on it. Maintaining a wig is not very complicated either. It is in fact quite similar to how you maintain your own hair. The advantage being that you are not going to be trimming or cutting. It is good practice to brush your wig daily; this increases the longevity and quality of the wig. It also helps to apply some moose or moisturizer frequently to preserve the shine of the wig. It is also possible to wash it when required despite the belief that you cannot wash a wig.
Beshe Synthetic Lace Front Wig Lace-31

Beshe Synthetic Lace Front Wig Lace-31 - $ 34.88

There are many points in favour of the lace front wigs. One of them being that these wigs are threaded with a mix of threading and hair along the perimeter of the wig. This ensures that they are not detectable and in fact make you look beautiful. With these wigs it is possible to have the hair style of your choice. In fact you could have many different wigs with many different hair styles where a change of wig would mean a change of hair style. It saves you on your frequent trips to the hair stylist and also is of great help during your busy schedule.

Beshe Synthetic Lace Front Wig Lace-56
Beshe Synthetic Lace Front Wig Lace-56 - $ 30.88


There are also a few things against the lace front wigs and one of the major factors is the fact that the wigs may slip over a period of time. It is possible that you may need professional help with the wig if such an incident occurs. However this problem occurs only occasionally if the wig is worn without assistance.

Elevatestyles is a place where you can find a wig of your choice amongst the many different lace from wigs available.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Politics of Hair: Setting your own Standards

In the mid-1400s when slaves were brought over to America, they must have met with extreme culture shock. As a people, they were stripped of their identity, and forced to work on fields and in homes and then presented with conforming to what was aesthetically acceptable to slave owners.

Our identity was transformed – not parting ways with who we were, but adapting to the times and situation at hand. We come from kings and queens – so our hair was a status symbol. Our hair was the icon of prosperity, wealth and of class.

Black is Beautiful

One of the great things about being a black woman today is our ability to continue with our versatility and our ability to transform ourselves and evolve into…well, whatever we want - whenever the mood hits us.

Want to get back to your roots? Sport an afro. Want to feel young and free? Don some twisties or a ponytail. Climbing up the corporate ladder? Anything goes. Really.

We no longer settle for the status quo.

Outre Synthetic Quick Weave Full Cap Wig Candee - HT
Outre Synthetic Quick Weave Full Cap Wig Candee - HT - $19.98
We love ourselves – every color, length and grade of hair. We finally know the REAL secret to being beautiful:

1. Perseverance

2. Education

Love of oneself

4. Love of each other

5. Wisdom

Now – we are comfortable in our own skin. We age beautifully and we live strong and hard.

Sensationnel 100% Human Hair Lace Wig Dayna
Sensationnel 100% Human Hair Lace Wig Dayna - $78.88
Janet 100% Human Hair Wig Laura
Janet 100% Human Hair Wig Laura - $39.88
Hollywood Remy Human Hair Wig Eva
Hollywood Remy Human Hair Wig Eva - $128.88
We rock our hair slicked down – picked out – swept back or wet and wavy.

There’s no longer an “us” and “them” mentality…we are all sisters. No matter what style we choose, it’s all Black and it’s all good.

There are some that would say we’ve become sell-outs. That natural is the only way to go. But ladies, we love all our looks don’t we? We are each unique – so it doesn’t matter if you jam to Beyonce or Paramore. Or, if you’re light-skinned or dark-skinned. Or, if you sport a weave or a wig or your own curly locks.

The important thing is to set your own standards and not conform to mainstream hair politics.

Where do you stand?

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Beyond Care for Your Black Hair


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a fitting time to pay your respects to those who have lost their lives in the battle with breast cancer; but also a time to learn, discuss and support breast cancer and its research.

As a large online retailer of hair extensions, wigs and other accessories, Elevate Styles wants all our customers to be aware of the dangers of breast cancer, and its high occurrence in the African American community. By knowing the facts and the risks, you can help ensure “care beyond your black hair” and prolong your life by decreasing your risk for developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Basics

Most women who discover that they have breast cancer only learn so after having a mammogram. Performing self breast exams can also aid in checking for lumps in your breast that could be attributed to cancer. Finding a lump in your breast does not necessarily mean you have cancer. There are other medical conditions that can cause them. It is best to seek the advice of a physician, should you find one.

Below are a few of the most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This list is not all-inclusive and not everyone experiences these symptoms. Some people may have no symptoms at all.

1. A lump in the breast

2. Redness, irritation or swelling of the breast

3. Pain in or around the breast

4. Discharge from the breast or nipple

5. Abnormal changes in the shape or size of the breast

Prevention is Key

(Image Source:
The best way to combat breast cancer is by employing methods that lower your risk and aid in early detection. You can do this by knowing the signs of breast cancer, visiting with your doctor regularly and getting annual mammograms.

Statistically, breast cancer is the 2nd most common cause of death in African-American women. (Lung cancer is number one.) Premenopausal women are at a higher risk and the death rate among African-American women with breast cancer is 41% higher than that of white women.

What You Can Do

The American Cancer Society, as well as various agencies that support Race for the Cure suggests that lifestyle changes can positively impact your changes of developing breast cancer.

It’s important to know your risk factors, family history of cancer and to implement changes in diet and exercise that can mean the difference between life and death.

Many of the foods you eat to grow healthy, beautiful hair, also lend to keeping your entire body healthy. Here are some tips on healthy lifestyle choices:

1. Get active and stay active.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Eat plenty of whole grains

4. Ensure you are getting enough calcium and folate

5. Limit your alcohol intake

6. Stop smoking

7. Maintain a positive outlook

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If you suffer from, or know someone that suffers from the effects of chemotherapy due to cancer, Elevate Styles offers full cap wigs that can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. A wig can help boost self esteem, instill confidence and keep their motivation high.

Elevate Styles believes that it is our social responsibility to do our part in the fight against breast cancer by helping spread awareness.

Get screened, tell a friend, reach for the pink – help make a stand against breast cancer and towards finding a cure!

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