Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Today's Women Wear Alternative Hair for instantly Transform Look

Its a Wig Synthetic Remi Touch Lace Front Wig RT11Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig Cherry MLF-42

The women these days have a lot more options if they want to change the way their hair look and that too instantly. All they need to do is slip on a wig. This is not to say that wigs were not available or did not exist till recently. Because the fact of the matter is that wigs have been used extensively since the ancient times. For example wigs were even used by the Egyptians in the age of the Pyramids. The real reason is that they are now more affordable. Additionally there now many styles available for women to choose from.
Quick Transformation with a wig
Women and hair issues go hand in hand. In the sense that for a working women it is hard for them to devote time to styling their as per their liking and when they please. The fact of the matter is that an appointment with a hair stylist can take a quite a while and it is something a working women just cannot afford on a regular basis. To compound the problem if she has a full day at the office and a party to attend in the evening immediately after; it is simply not humanly possible to have a change of hair style. Thus for in such a case wigs can come to the rescue to provide a quick transformation.
Besides which there are several women with real hair problems like baldness or a medical condition; a wig can is the solution for a rapid transformation for them too.
The options available
Real hair wigs are natural hair wigs which are also called human hair wigs. A natural hair wig is made from Human hair and appears very realistic. In the sense that a synthetic hair wig may be easy to spot however it is hard to detect a human hair wig even for a hair stylist. With the number of hair styles and colors available you are bound to find something that suites your needs. There are many different styles available for example lace front hair wigs, short hair wigs etc. There are even special wigs for black women as well.
How hard is it to pick one?
Choosing a wig is as simple as going to a store or as many prefer visiting one of the many ecommerce websites selling wigs and select the one that you are sure will give you a new look. That may be true however the general rule of the book is that no all our faces have the same shape and thus there are certain hairstyles that only suit a specific shape of face. Our face can be categorised as either oval, round square, diamond, heart, pear, oblong etc. A quick reference to a chart available on the internet will give you all the information you need as to which hair style suits you the best.
But that is not all; there is the choice of color and size too. A wig is available in many colors hence if you have a preference you most certainly will find it. The size of your head matters when it comes to buying a wig. It is easy to measure your size by checking a quick tutorial on how to do it either on the internet or via a friend. Hence with the right size, color of your choice and the hair style selected all you need to do is make a search online on an ecommerce website or visit a store close by. Doing it on the Internet has it’s advantages because that way you can do at your own leisure and have no salesman pestering you all the time.
Getting transformed
It is easy to slip on a wig too and if it is your first time doing a little research on the Internet will result in several tutorial videos. In worst cases there is always the option of getting professional help from a hair stylist. At our ecommerce store Elevates Styles we understand that everyone has a different requirement and thus have a wide range of wigs for you to choose from. And we go a step further to help you out; If in case you do not find what you are looking for and require something more specific you can always fill in the special request form and submit an inquiry which does not usually take long to process.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lace front wigs in everyday life

Its a Wig Synthetic Swiss Lace Front Wig KonisIts a Wig Queen Synthetic Lace Front Wig Charlotte
  • All most all of us like a change of look every now and then. Some like it more often and some once in a blue moon.
  • It is quite common for the younger generation to change their hair styles on a regular basis. At the same time women in general like a change of hair style once in a while.
  • A new look can easily be achieved by changing your hair style since the way your appearance has a lot to do with your hairstyle.
  • Having to change your hair style may mean using the scissors or long hours at the hair salon or which not many people will have the time. Hence for a quick and simple solution wearing a wig is the best solution.
  • There are several benefits of using the Lace Front Wig in this case since it has a few styling options, can be easily slipped on and has the ability to give you a new look. Lace front wigs happen to be one of the most popular wigs around as well.
  • There are many people who prefer it like celebrities, black women, white women, no matter what the age is. This is almost the perfect choice for daily wear if you are looking for a new look, be it a fashion statement or even a unique reason of your own.

The Lace front wig:

  • The Lace Front wig is designed with a sheer lace base. The hair is manually tied to the sheer lace base. The hair can be either synthetic hair or human hair which are the most common types of wigs.
  • While the full lace wig has the entire base made from lace the lace front wig has only the front hair line made from lace. The other sections of the wig is made from a material that is more sturdy so that it does not rip easily.
  • Wearing a lace front wig is not a very touch ask. It is as simple as slipping it on. However you may need to make use of glue and tape to attach the front hairline lace portion.
  • At times some wigs also have the feature where they use baby hair around the temple area on the forehead to cover the hairline so that it makes it appear more realistic.

General tips for wearing wigs on regular basis:

  • It is not advisable to wear a wig straight from the box since unless it is a custom wig, the wig is a general size and may not necessarily fit your perfectly.
  • It is advisable to first take the wig to an hairstylist who can easily access what is the best fit for the wig and make the necessary changes. This may include cutting, shaping and styling to make it suit your face and head size.
  • It is best to go for a more natural looking hairline
  • Keeping it less bulky at the crown is more advisable since it is then less obvious that you are wearing a wig
  • If you prefer to keep your wig short, it is a good idea to keep in mind that short hair usually suit the women under 50.

Elevate Styles to the rescue:

Elevate styles wigs
Elevate Styles is an online e-commerce store that has a very large collection of wigs from many different brands and of many different types. They are all of good quality however at the end of the day do require the right care. That said, some wigs require low maintenance and some higher. Elevate Styles can help you pick the one that is right for you. In fact if you do not find your desired wig or require a customized one there is a special section for that where you can request exactly that.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Can wigs be made to look natural?

Equal Freetress Synthetic Wig KaceyEqual Synthetic Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Wig Tanzie
  • Wigs have been popular amongst many different people right from the beginning. Wigs date back a long way, to ancient times in Egypt as well.
  • Historically wigs were used to keep warm, as status symbol and a fashion statement for few women who wanted to raise their voice and be recognized. It is also worn by people with special and medical conditions.
  • There was also a time when only the celebrities could afford the fancy wigs; however things have changed and now wigs are more affordable and hence a lot many more people are wearing wigs.
  • Hence there are also a lot many more options available when you go out to buy a wig. A good quality wig has the ability to look and feel natural. In most cases with such a wig on, it would be hard for anyone to detect that you are wearing a wig. Even you hair stylist would be fooled until they actually started working on your hair.

Steps to make it look more natural:

At times depending on the wig you choose, it may or may not look natural, hence here are a few steps you can take to make it look a bit more natural:
  • Preparing the wig: It is best to clip all hair back from the edges of the wig so that they do not get caught up when attaching the wig to the head. In fact if you are planning to use adhesive glue, then this becomes a must. At the same time if you are wearing a lace wig, then make sure you trim the lace as close to the hairline as possible without damaging he hairline.
  • Preparing your natural hair: Prior to wearing a wig it is a good idea to prepare your natural hair first. It would be a good idea to braid or flatten the natural hair against the scalp. Making sure that all the natural hair strands are pulled back from the hairline can be quite beneficial. In fact you also have the option of laying the natural hair in a large soft curl again the head.
  • General Preparation: In addition to preparing your hair and the wig it is also a good idea to spend some time on other places like you skin. It pays to treat the skin around the hairline using an alcohol solution on a cotton swab and gently wiping the oil if any from the hairline. What this does is ensures that the wig fits securely to the skin. Additionally it may also be a good idea to use a scalp protector. A wig cap is also quite useful, it covers all the scalp region hence protecting it and also keeps the natural hair intact.
  • Care with Adhesive : Use a make-up brush or a small adhesive stick to apply the adhesive glue to the hairline. Additionally if using a soft bond adhesive it is best to wait for some time after applying the glue and before applying the wig. However if the adhesive is hard bond adhesive the wig can be worn immediately.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices:

  • When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an ecommerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
  • Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. Here is a short list of wigs you will find on Elevates Styles.
  • EQUAL Synthetic Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Wig LONA
  • EQUAL Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail Jamacian Twist Girl
  • EQUAL LACE FRONT Wig Natural Hairline Wig Cassie (DC)
  • EQUAL Synthetic Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Wig Patsy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Short Wig Styling & tips on general wig styling

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig Rose MLF-40Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig Sea Shell MLF-71
  • Wigs are more popular than they were approximately 10 years ago. The fact is that wigs have been around for while. In fact they date way back to the medical times in Egypt.
  • Wigs have been worn for many different reasons from being a status symbol, to keeping warm, as a fashion statement, due to medical reasons and even for more practical purposes as well.
  • These days wigs are more affordable and they are worn by a lot more women than just celebrities. They are available in various sizes. However I would like to focus on the short wigs, just because of the simple fact that there couldn't be anything more convenient than a short wig.
  • A short wig can easily be put on and there are very less chances of it damaging your natural hair. With a short wig you have a great number of colors to chose from and even cuts and textures.

Popular short wigs:

Styling it: It is easy to get this style and it starts with shampooing and conditioning the hair and making use of Grape Seed Oil on hair. Once it is dry (blow dried) mold the hair and prepare it for the wig. Once ready start applying the wig. Now it is time to get creative by using a spray and styling it until you have achieved your desired look.
Here is a listed of few shorts wigs to get you started:
  • Sassy Bob Wig: The sassy Bob wig is usually blonde in color with a swoop covering the eyes making it unique in style.
  • Short Cropped Wig: This is a neatly styled wig with flare. This is a style that would suit in about any office and even for a night out.
  • The Blonde Bombshell: The blonde bombshell is another wig that is all blonde. This is a style that has a cut and tampered look on the left and a longer tresses look on the right. The brows have to be lifted as well which makes it look appear more natural.
  • It's Black, It's White: This is a bob styled black & white which a quite edgy with color blocked style and is styled to perfection.
  • The Mommy Wig: This is a very sophisticated wig and grabs a lot of attention. This is retro style that can be worn by the modern women. This finger waved style can be mixed to a pin curled look with the help of a comb. This is one unique style that will always be fine to wear.
  • Flower Girl Flip: With this wig you can have that all cropped up look. It has those fiery streaks that gives this style that added flare. If you have a round face, then this is one of the best styling options available to you. Although it is good for other face shapes too.
  • The Flipped Wig: This wig is a break from the traditional ones and is almost like a retro styled wig. There can even be custom streaks through the hair that can cause some head to turn.

Wig wearer tips:

  • Be high on confidence: When attempting to style your wig properly it is important for you to have the right attitude. It is really quite simple if you are worrying too much it is likely to make you very fidgety and spoil the wig.
  • Be Creative & Customize to your liking: If you have a picture of your perfect wig in mind, then there is no reason you should not customize it. For example you could take your wig to the hair stylist and get it trimmed or have bangs, or even remove the excess bulk. You should consider your wig as another thing you need to wear besides the clothes.
  • Using care products: Using care products can extend the life of the wig and it will stay looking good and neat all the while. However every kind of wig requires a different care product, for example synthetic wigs require special care products for synthetic hair.
  • Always think ahead: If you are a person that wears wigs all the time, it would be a good idea to stock up on wigs. It would pay to keep two wigs ready to wear just in case something goes wrong while you are washing, styling or coloring the other one.
  • Kitchen tips: For those who wear the wig all the time, even while cooking there is something you need to know. If you have a synthetic wig on, then never open the door to the oven. You may have guessed the reason, which is that a synthetic wig can be subjected to a lot of heat. This means that even the heat from an oven or a boiling pot of water can damage the hair. In general if would be a good idea to remove the wig and wear a scarf or a cap if you must, while cooking in the kitchen.
  • The Synthetic Shine: The synthetic wigs are popular for their shiny look, but for some this is a bit to shiny and at times it does look fake and unnatural. Thus it may be a good idea to minimize the shine by sprinkling a little hair powder on the wig and then brushing through it for a very natural look.
  • Personalize Your Look: If you are the kind who enjoys a more personal look or a specific type of look then continue doing so, even if you are now wearing a wig. For example you can still use a hair band or a scarf or any other hair accessory for that matter. Thus just be as creative as you like and don't let the fact that you are wearing a wig prevent you from doing so.
  • Blending with the natural: At times it is a good idea to have the wigs with the same color as your natural hair. The reason being is that it then becomes possible to blend the wig with your natural hair. The process of blending is simple, it is as easy as pulling out small sections of your own hair along the sides and front. This is possible to do with the help of a rattail comb or even your fingers.
  • Playing it safe: If you one of those who like to play it safe then it is a good idea to chose a wig hair style that is close to your current hair style. This is likely to beneficial in more ways than one. For one it is likely to give you more confidence and even make the transition to wearing a wig easier if you are a new wig wearer. This is only for those who do not wish to venture out of their comfort zone; however for the more adventurous type who like to try something new they have a large collections of styles to choose from.
  • Knowing your measurements: When setting out to buy a wig, (especially the new wig wearers) there is something that you need to know. You need to have the measurements of your head ready and handy so that you do not buy a wig that does not fit. The last thing you want is a wig that does not fit or a wig that keeps slipping off.
  • Hair styling tools: When it comes to styling your hair these days, there are many styling tools to help you with the process. Amongst the tools available are the curling iron and the flat irons that can help you either straighten or curl your hair. This can be done to both human hair and synthetic wigs. However with synthetic wigs there are some limitations since they cannot be subjected to a lot of heat.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices:

When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an ecommerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. Here is a short list of wigs you will find on Elevates Styles.
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  • BESHE Lady Lace Deep Lace Front Synthetic Wig Lace - 56
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Brazilian Virgin Human Hair - What it is and how to stay clear of scams

Its a Wig Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wig HH Part Lace Natural Wave 20"Its a Wig Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wig HH Part Lace Body Wave 24"
  • Brazilian Virgin Human Hair is sought by many women all over the world. It is especially popular with people looking for hair extensions.
  • It is also popular amongst the celebrities for that matter. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are some of the celebrities that are known to wear the Brazilian Virgin Human Hair wigs.

What is the hype about the Brazilian Virgin Wigs?

Virgin hair in general are the most high quality wigs available and the Brazilian Virgin Wigs are the most popular. Here is why:
  • Virgin hair is natural hair that has never been treated for anything and hence this makes the good quality wigs that are almost impossible to spot, unlike the other low quality wigs that can be spotted a mile away.
  • Since the Brazilian Virgin hair will be from a single source, it will remain intact and hence you can be assured of high quality, consistent quality and uniformity.
  • This hair is also very natural in appearance with a very natural looking shine, unlike the synthetic wigs which appear so shiny making it obvious that it is fake.
  • When it comes to the color of the Brazilian Virgin wigs you are likely to have mainly two options brown and black. On the other hand you will have a variety of options as far as the texture and style is concerned. The color options are limited due to the source of the wig hair.
  • Tangling is not an worry when it comes to the Brazilian Virgin Wigs. The main reason being that all the cuticles are always in the right direction.
  • These wigs are extremely durable thus even though they cost more, if you take proper care of them they can last for a few years and hence are more than more than worth the cost.
  • The quality (and luster) of this wig will remain intact even if you need to get it adjusted by a hair stylist.

Scams that you need to be aware off

  • The business of human hair trade is growing and is already a very lucrative one. This industry has recorded sales somewhere along the lines of 12 billion dollars a year. But true figure is expected to be much higher.
  • This has as one may expect, encouraged several underhanded sales, scams and marketing ploys that are bad for the end user (you the consumer).
  • Thus if you haven't yet questioned whether you Brazilian Virgin Wig is real thing or some cheap imitation then it is high time you should be alerted to all the possibilities.
Here are some facts that expose the not so good side of this industry:
  • You may find several shops selling Indian hair all over but the reality might be something else all together. The reason being, it is quite common for stores to bring in Chinese hair and then call it Indian hair to make a quick sale.
  • A similar trend has been seen when it comes to Brazilian Virgin Hair as well. There are several stores who are only supplied with Chinese hair that actually sell it as Brazilian Virgin Hair.
  • The fact is that several large Brazilian firms import hair from India as well. This begs the question why would a big market like Brazil be involved in such a practice and is the hair coming out of Brazil really Brazilian Virgin Hair.
  • India hair is comparatively easer to avail. The reason being that a very old tradition of women donating their hair to temple has been practice and still is at many places.
  • These are mainly people with strong religious beliefs (Hindu) who do so as a symbol of religious devotion and surrendering of their ego. More often than not, the hair donated gets into the wrong hands and may end up being exported or used in some way or the other.
  • If the hair is real if usually will not tangle and not be affected by heat. Several wig manufacturers treat their fake wigs such that they will not tangle until the first wash and also not be affected by heat to some extent to start with.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices

  • When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an ecommerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
  • Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. There are several Brazilian Virgin Hair wigs available from Elevates Styles. Here is a short list of lace wigs you will find on Elevates Styles:
  • ITS A WIG Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wig HH Part Lace Staright 24"
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  • ITS A WIG Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Wig HH Body Wave 20"
  • ITS A WIG Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Wig HH Natural Wave 16"

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The finer details about lace front wigs to help you pick the right one

Its a Wig Synthetic Remi Touch Lace Front Wig RT11Saga Remy 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig Cupid
  • Wigs are gaining in popularity especially amongst the women. There was a time when on the celebrities wore fancy and expensive wigs. However in recent times the wigs have become more affordable. There are now a lot of different styles of wigs available from many different brands.
  • One of the popular styles is the lace wig which is growing in popularity. Here are some less known facts about them:
  • Lace is nothing but thin sheer foundation material. This is usually made with honeycomb or hexagonal shaped holes. The holes in a lace are usually of different sizes.
  • These laces wigs also vary in thickness and weight. Besides which they are useful in blending natural colors and hence are available in several colors to match the skin tones.
  • The lace wig was originally designed for theatrical purposes and were meant to be worn on stage where the lighting can be manipulated as desired and not under normal light.
  • Hence the myth that the lace wigs are the best wigs that are available when it comes to the ones that are not detectable or look the most realistic is just a myth, since there is no truth to that belief.
  • The lace base (foundation of wig) is like a lace wig . Here the hair are knotted (hand tied) one strand at a time on to the base foundation. The wefts are used to form the wig.
  • When it comes to picking a wig, if you are a Cancer Patient and are undergoing Chemotherapy or if for people with Alopecia the lace front wigs, Full lace wigs and Glue less lace wigs are off limits. The reason being that their scalp is more sensitive.
  • Wig adhesives are commonly used with lace wigs. Such adhesives are considered unsafe to use by many for various reasons. The truth is that they are generally safe to use however if you are a Chemotherapy patient, it is a good idea to keep away from it since it can cause infections, scalp soreness and irritations.
  • Lace wigs are very popular and there are several kinds too like the super fine Swiss lace. However it is best the new wig wearers stay away from them since they become hard to handle.
  • Many of the wig wearers prefer to keep their wigs on for a longer period of time. However the stage "Film" lace wig which is quite similar to the Super fine Swiss lace wig is not recommended for wearing for long period.
  • The French lace is by far the most popular amongst the lace wigs; it is even more popular and durable than the Swiss and Film laces.
  • At times when constructing a lace front wigs, some manufactures make use of monofilament. This is perfectly ok since it is a durable wig making material and is usually good for medium to heavy hair densities.
  • Welded mono (usually treated with ultrasound) is also used in the construction of the lace front wigs at times. This is useful in providing the slight curve.
  • The German lace is popular and used for heavier densities. This is similar to the French lace though it is slightly stiffer, but at the same time it is also more durable.
  • The Welded lace is not very different from the French, Swiss or German Lace however with this one the lace mesh is treated with ultrasound. This helps in giving a slight curve to the hair.
  • A wig cap can be quite useful when wearing a lace wig. The reason is if you are wearing a lace wig with you natural hair, then there will most likely be a shadow on the base where the hair starts underneath. This can be easily camouflaged with a wig cap that creates a scalp illusion.
  • When it comes to the material used, China uses nylon laces for the lace wig, German lace uses cotton and the hairline illusion uses silk and cotton laces.
  • The lace wigs that are imported from China are usually with shorter cut hair. Hence if you have thick density hair, it will look rather unnatural. Hence many make use of "baby hair" which essentially hair from young donors first haircuts.
  • Lace wigs are not completely invisible. However if you make use of liquid adhesives to attach the lace wig to your hairline, it is likely that the adhesive will fill lace holes and disguise the lace to a greater extent.
  • At the same time, this only means that the lace wig will not be visible in low to normal light. But when outside in the sunlight or bright rooms it is going to be very much visible.
  • If you wish to conceal a wig when inside a studio or on stage (where the lighting can be manipulated) you can also make use of concealer make up foundation to cover the lace and hair knots. But this will not work if you go outside in to the sunlight.
  • It is best to avoid bleaching the knots as far as possible since bleaching the knots will damage the hair and also shorten the life of the wig. Hence if the hair colors is similar to your skin color it is a good idea to avoid bleaching the knots.
  • On the other hand if you do want to bleach the knots, you will need to turn the wigs inside out and apply hair color bleach or make up spray to lighten the knots. The advantage being, they become less visible.
  • It is essential to wash the wig hair, but care should be taken while doing so since it can loose shape or even stretch during the wash. The best way to do it is by placing it on a head.
  • If you were to compare a well made lace front wig to a machine made one, then the lace front wig will be more natural looking. However the trick is in picking a well constructed lace front wig since there are several badly constructed ones available too.
  • The advantage of a lace wig is that they are much lighter than the traditional wigs and the full hair weaves.
  • The lace wigs cover the entire head and hence effectively protect the scalp in more ways that one. Hence if the lace wig is applied correctly without making use of either adhesives or clips they can be a healthier alternative as well.
  • Extreme care needs to be taken while removing lace since the hairline lace is very fragile and can easily rip. In general it is best to avoid using the "Mirror Slide" adhesive removing technique on Swiss and Film Laces.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices

  • When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an ecommerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
  • Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. There are several lace wigs available from Elevates Styles. Here is a short list of lace wigs you will find on Elevates Styles:
  • BESHE Synthetic Lace Front Wig LW - Drew (Now Shorter)
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  • ITS A Wig 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig Topaz
  • ITS A Wig Synthetic Simply Lace Wig Doris

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is a Blend Wig right for you?

21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig H- SisterBobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig Cherry MLF-42
  • When we think of wigs we either think of either human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. In general the women who prefer wigs that are not easily detectable opt for the human hairs wigs and those who prefer wigs that are quick and easy to wear with less maintenance opt for the synthetic wigs.
  • In fact all most every printed matter or published article on wigs will usually mention that when it comes to the type of the wig there are only two types of wigs. That may be true to some extent. However there is one more option for which there is not equal amount of hype. This is called the "Blend Wigs".
  • The Blend Wig as the name suggests is a blend of synthetic fiber and human hair. Thus it is the best of both worlds offering the best characteristics of them both.

Features of Blend Wigs:

  • The style can be changed easily.
  • These wigs are also very natural in appearance and hence hard for the average eye to figure out that one is wearing a wig.
  • These wigs also have the ease of synthetic wigs.
  • The maintenance of such wigs is minimal and hence it is useful for new wig wearers and even the busy women.
  • When it comes to styles, there are many options available.

Brief comparison of the wigs:

  • Styling: When it comes to styling, the human hair wigs are usually the ones with more options. They can be styled in almost way, permed and even colored. The synthetic wigs are known to have many styling options however since they cannot be subjected to a lot of heat. The Blend wigs too have many styling options and can be styled easily.
  • Flexibility: The human hair wigs are the most flexible while the synthetic one are not known to be that flexible.
  • Cost: When it comes to cost, again the human hair wigs lead the pack by being the most expensive of the lot while the synthetic wigs are more affordable.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices:

  • When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an e commerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
  • Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. There are several brands that also have the blend wigs besides human hair and synthetic wigs. Here is a short list of blend wigs you will find on Elevates Styles:
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Cash
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Doll
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Plus
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Irene.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Is all the hype about lace wigs justified?

Janet Super Flow Deep Part Lace Front Wig YuriEqual Synthetic 3 Way Part Front Lace Wig Marvel
  • Many of us wear wigs, be it for a fashion statement or out of necessity (medical condition, baldness, etc). However how many of us know about the history of the wigs and how many of us know about recent technology updates?
  • There is more to wigs than meets the eye than just being a useful replacement for our natural hair, or whatever the reason you do choose to wear the wig.
  • For the curious few who have done their research, they must be aware of the fact that wigs have been around for a while. Besides which another interesting and fairly recent development in terms of wigs, is the lace wig.
  • It may not seem anything new at this point in time, since there are many types of lace wigs and that too manufactured by several firms.

Little known facts about Lace Wigs:

Lace wigs is a big thing in the world of wigs and there is a lot of hype about it. This hype is completely justified due to the great features and applications of the lace wig.
  • One of main issues when wearing a wig is that it will be easily detectable. However with a lace wig one of the biggest worries is over.
  • The lace wig is usually never detectable thus making your wig with lace seem like the real thing (natural hair) every time.
  • A lace wig consists of a very fine 'lace netting'.
  • Since individual hair strands are attached to the netting and placed on the scalp, it appears like the hair is growing out of the scalp.
  • The movement of the hair is very important and it helps determine whether the person is wearing a wig or has natural hair. With the lace wigs, the hair are able to swivel freely on their base hence it will likely not be detected by anyone, except a hair dresser.
  • Lace wigs are very versatile and they can also be worn while swimming.
  • They support many different hair styles. For example if you were to pull back the wig it can be made into a ponytail as well and even then it would not be detectable (as a wig).


  • Lace wigs are very popular and it is well justified since it opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of the hair styles and overall comfort and ease. It is thus no big surprise that this is one of the most popular type of wigs.
  • These wigs can be purchased from a brick and mortar store or online, from an e commerce website. Elevate Styles is one such ecommerce website that has a very big collection of wigs. This is the perfect place to browse through the various wigs that are currently available and even make a quick buy.
Here is a short list of wigs that you can expect to find there:
  • ISIS Red Carpet Premiere Synthetic Lace Wig RCP - 214 Vivan
  • ISIS Red Carpet Premiere 100% Remi Human Hair Lace Front Wig RCP - 304
  • ISIS Brown Sugar Human Hair StyleMix Silk Lace Wig BS 605
  • ISIS Red Carpet Premiere Synthetic Lace Wig RCP - 227 Stacy [DC].